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Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic surgery, or plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with its full name, is a surgical discipline that covers restructuring and shaping of various structures on the body, removal of serious tissue losses and all kinds of aesthetic interventions.


Obesity Treatments

Obesity is one of the most important health problems of developed and developing countries today. Obesity is the increase in body weight relative to height above the desired level as a result of an excessive increase in the ratio of body fat mass to lean mass.


Dental Treatments

Dental aesthetics is the aesthetic evaluation and reshaping of the structure of the teeth and gums. It covers facial structure, mouth shape, general condition of teeth, dental aesthetics including care of gums, detailed analysis. Dental aesthetics made by aesthetic dentists.

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Eye Health SurgeryOp. Dr. Dilek KARACA


Eye Health and Eye AestheticsOp. Dr. Abdullah KARACA


Orthopedics and TraumatologyOp. Dr. Hasan Can Köseoğlu


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    Health Service

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What awaits you when you decide to come to Turkey in Medical Health Tourism? Let's answer your questions...

      What are the most popular medical treatments in Turkey?

      Turkey has proven itself in the field of aesthetic treatments such as aesthetic surgery dentistry, rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, various non-invasive and surgical skin treatments, plastic surgery and many other image enhancing treatments. High standards of JCI, ISO and other accredited healthcare facilities, cardiology, orthopedics, infertility issues, neurology, oncology etc. receives large numbers of patients.

      Most of the patients who want to receive treatment in Turkey do not have the necessary health insurance in their own country or face long waiting times for treatment. They prefer Turkey because they can get quick appointments and treatment within their budget.

      How can I evaluate the treatment standards of hospitals and clinics and Doctors in Turkey?

      Most of the doctors and surgeons in Turkey have as much knowledge, experience and experience as their colleagues abroad. Few countries outside the USA can boast of this accreditation information. All hospitals in Turkey must also meet the National Accreditation criteria and pass an audit every two years.

      Will I have a language problem in Turkey?

      No, you will not encounter any language problems in Turkey. Alfa International arranges translators or interpreters according to the language needs of all our patients. English is spoken and understood in most accredited hospitals.

      How much money can I save by doing my treatment in Turkey?

      By receiving treatment in Turkey, you can save up to 80-90% in costs. In treatment, quality is not compromised. Your cost savings will also vary depending on the treatment you will receive.

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